Pandemic Impact on Shopping Habits Lingers


Hungarians did their shopping more frequently during the third wave of the pandemic than during the first, but still made fewer trips to the store than before the coronavirus crisis, a survey by food safety authority Nébih shows.


The representative survey, conducted in May, shows the percentage of Hungarians who did their shopping just once a week rose from around 17% to over 52% during the first wave of the pandemic. That ratio dropped to a little over 40% during the third wave.
The percentage of Hungarians who shopped exclusively online increased from under 1pc before the pandemic to nearly 10% during the first wave, and still stood close to 7% during the third wave. The survey shows Hungarians keep close to 35kg of food and almost 16 litres of beverages in their refrigerators and pantries. Over 31% of respondents said they had gained weight in the past year: close to 5kg, on average. Almost 40% said they did less moderate exercise.


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