The Szeged Wine Festival will last one day longer this year


Between May 16 and 26, 2024, the 28th Szeged Wine Festival featuring 160 winemakers – the Szeged Day Festival Series will be held in the City of Sunshine. Hungary’s largest and longest gastro-cultural festival will last 11 days this year. The organizers are waiting for the visitors with real experience this year as well.

28th Szeged Wine Festival
Place, time: Széchényi Square, May 16-26

From May 16 to 26, Hungarian winemakers will once again move to Szeged, nearly 160 of them will offer their finest wines. At the 28th Szeged Wine Festival, in addition to fine wines, pálinkas and cheeses, gastronomic specialties are also on offer.

In addition to jazz, blues and folk formations, star performers ensure a good atmosphere on the two podium stages set up on Széchenyi Square.

Craft and Gastro Square
Place, time: Klauzál Square, May 16-26

In the Klauzál Craft and Gastro Square, in addition to fine wines, mouth-watering food and small-brewery beers await visitors, and local artisans will also present themselves.

Treasure Square (Kincs tér)
Place, time: Dugonics Square, May 16-26

Craftsmen and backyard producers will play the main role on Dugonics Square. Around the fountain, dance halls, small music programs and various presentations await visitors.

Dóm Square Cavalcade
Place, time: Dóm Square, May 24-26

During the second weekend of the event, various concerts on Dóm Square offer cloudless relaxation.

Szeged Bridge Fair
Place, time: Belvárosi Bridge (Belvárosi híd) and Híd Street, May 25-26

Also on the second weekend, the Szeged Bridge Fair, organized for the 23rd time this year, will join the Szeged Day Festival series, where Belvárosi híd and Híd utca will be transformed into one of the country’s largest craft fairs. For two days, the place of cars and public transport will be taken over by local artisans and, of course, by the endlessly surging crowd.

Local NGOs Street
Place, time: Oskola Street, May25-26

In the vicinity of the Szeged Bridge Fair, the best of Szeged’s civil organizations set up shop and present their activities, adding color to the three-day program with games and interactive contests.

The organizers will report on further details soon.

Photo: Yvette Frank

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