Road works in Debrecen

Local News

Several roads will be renewed during April. Some streets and squares will be ready in June.

Narcisz Running Festival on the 8th of April on Kossuth square-Peterfia street-Simonyi street-Bekas lake
route with lane closure and police control.
Underground cable reconstruction in Tocoskert area with temporary traffic restrictions till 26 April.
Narrow roads in Miklos street and Kapolnasi-Bajcsy Zsilinszky junction due to construction works till the
end of June.
Road construction till the 15 of April in Homokkert street.
Temporary traffic restrictions due to Sewer construction in Petofi square`s parkingarea, Daru street,
Konyves Toth Kalman street till 15th of April.
Temporary traffic restrictions due to sewer construction on Letai, Lahner, Sziv, Vorosmarty, Sennyei Olah,
Honved, Kulsovasarter, Vigado square.
Drainage works on Szechenyi, Nyugati and Csap streets and on Segner square till the end of June.
No left turn from Hadhazi street direction on Nyil street till the end of June 2010.

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