Lower turnover in tourism

Local News

The taxation of holiday vouchers decreased the turnover of local hotels and restaurants. The owners reported a 20-25% loss only the first half of this year.

The issuer of the vouchers, the National Holiday Foundation denies the claims. The situation is not as bad.
The changes occured due to an increased number of issued vouchers and the changing of their usage. This year the vouchers can be more widely used, so their economy recovery effects will be shared.
The famous and most popular local event, the Civis Korzo already started in Debrecen. Theperformers and organizers doing their best but still less customers staying in hotels. Inspite of the rich range of programmes and offers the numbers of tourists going down.

Mihaly Karacsony, the president of the National Holiday Foundation said that they issued 5% more vouchers and it was a 11% increase in the number of restaurants, hotels etc. which accept them as a payment.
In Hajdu-Bihar County nearly 700 places they accept the vouchers.

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