Witnesses Wanted

Local News Police

The Hajdu-Bihar County Police`s Criminal Department initiated a procedure with violations against personal freedom against an unknown perpetrator.

The victim and the assailant traveled with the same bus and when she got off the bus at Keletterv bus stop the young man began to follow her. The victim was in Wesselényi Street when an unknown man touched her bottom, and then gripped, and then moved on.
A bit later he came back on the pavement and approached her then embraced her holding her hands back down and touched her bottom again. The girl tried to escape the squeeze, but she failed while the boy kissed her neck several times and began to pull her towards a hidden staircase. The male attacker noticed that a young man is on the sidewalk in front of him.
The man was talking on his phone when he saw what was happening and stopped. The attacker released the girl and walked away from the site.

About the offender: 170-175 cm tall, with an average physique, thick eyebrows, white skin, blue-eyed, short, brown-haired around 16-17 years old boy.
A the time of the crime he was wearing blue colour long jeans and a grey zipped hoody and a blue backpack.
The police asks the 20 years old man and the public who recognize him on the picture to report the HB County Police Headquarters (20 Kossuth street, Debrecen) in person during working hours or call the 06 (52) 516-400 2066 number or one of the 107, 112 emergency numbers.

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