The case of 70 million HUF

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Ferenc Papcsak asked Gyula Budai /envoy of the prime minister/ and the relevant sector of the Ministry of Rural Development to carry out a full scaled
investigation after the missing millions on October 27, 2010.

He has the right to check all the documents, contracts and materials related to the case.
The aim of the programme was to train specialists and raise an education and training centre using that 70 million Huf.
The envoy of the government considers that the financial documents and certificates are not available. The Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development signed an agreement with the Centre of Agricultural Science and Technology University of Debrecen in 2008. The University get 70 million HUF which was for to cover the training of experts for regional cooperation in Central and Eastern Europe.
But no documents and supporting written evidences available now and also arise the reasonable suspicion of committing a crime.

The management of the Centre of Agricultural and Business Administration of the University of Debrecen can show when and where they spent that 70 million HUF.
The Centre for Agriculture sent detailed report to the Ministry in time, so they do not understand why they saying these. They have sent the documents dated October 14 via a registered post.
The training center is under construction. The building has reached the highest point of it and it had the ceremony on 26 of October where Zoltan Kovacs, Junior Minister for Government Communication was present with Istvan Fabian rector UD and Janos Nagy, president of CABA UD.

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