Computer donations have been received by ambulances

Local News

KAM Home Goes 2 Bamako and the Matrix Public Benefit Foundation jointly donated computers to the Szeged ambulance station, thus helping the station’s work. The clown doctors handed over the computers from the foundation, and Kamilló Muráti, who also volunteered at the rescue station on behalf of the rally team, handed over the computers. Continuous COVID screening and work to help the population is supported by a computer donation symbolically handed over by red noses.

Computer Dream
The foundation is approaching the seven hundredth distributed computer, which can be given to the talented young children, families, communities and institutions for the purpose of helping them to catch up. There is a way to apply at if someone wants to benefit from the support program or can help the benefactors.

Anett Rácz, president of the foundation, said that “with small help we can make important things better, the Matrix Public Benefit Foundation provides more than ten thousand donation packages a year to disadvantaged fellow human beings, Together We Can Do Miracles”.

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