This Year Katalin Karikó Receive the Title of Honorary Citizen of Szeged

Local News

Katalin Karikó was nominated as this year’s honorary citizen of the city of Szeged by Mayor László Botka. The researcher accepted the invitation and will personally accept the recognition on the Day of Szeged, May 21st – said Szilárd C. Szabó, the local government’s press chief on Tuesday.

According to an article published on website, Katalin Karikó based her scientific career on the knowledge gained in Szeged. After graduating from the university, she started working at the Biological Research Center in Szeged, and then completed her research work in the United States.

Katalin Karikó and her colleagues made a breakthrough in the fight against the coronavirus. The vaccine they developed was the first in the world to be approved, so it is no exaggeration to say that she achieved last year’s greatest scientific success. Katalin Karikó met her husband, Béla Francia, in Szeged, they got married in the city and their daughter, Zsuzsanna, was also born in Szeged. In her letter to Mayor László Botka, the researcher wrote that Szeged always had a special place in her life.

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