Free Bicycle Storage Opened During SZIN on Torontál Square

Local News

SZIN starts on Wednesday, which you can come to by bike again this year!


From noon to Sunday morning, we take care of your bicycles 24 hours a day in the storage facility in the Torontál square parking lot, the use of which is free, wrote the Szeged organization of the Magyar Kerékpárosklub on its social network page. When entering for the first time, the bike is registered, a numbered wristband is put on it, and the bike owner receives a pair.

When leaving, the bicycle can be taken out by presenting a wristband with the same serial number as the number on the bicycle, i.e. under inspection. Of course, you can come and go during the festival, so it is advisable to keep the wristbands, so that getting in and out can be even faster and easier. In the storage, bicycles can be hung on the horizontal metal bar by their seats, if necessary, the volunteers of the cycling club will help.

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