New Nursery School Built in Szeged

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With EU support, a new nursery school for 64 people will be built in Szeged next autumn with an investment of almost HUF 1.1 billion.


In the Újszeged district, on Töltés street, a nursery school has been operating since 1986 in an outdated building that is more than a hundred years old. This will be replaced by the new building, where an integrated nursery school for children with special educational needs will operate – the municipality wrote.

A 1,544-square-meter kindergarten main building and a 46-square-meter annex are being built on the currently empty plot of land on Bagoly street. They are surrounded by landscaped playgrounds and covered and open terraces. Both buildings are one-story, with extensive green roofs and planted with succulent plants.

The barrier-free main building consists of two parts along the main traffic corridor: on one side there will be the rooms necessary for daily operations, as well as the kitchen with a separate business entrance. The six children’s rooms, each more than 50 square meters in size, are located in the inner part of the nursery, with their associated changing rooms, water block, and storage rooms. A partially covered terrace of more than 40 square meters will be directly connected to each group room.

The energy required for heating and cooling the building is provided by six air-water heat pumps. Floor and ceiling heating and ceiling cooling will be installed in the building. Gas connection will not be made, the kitchen equipment will be all electric.

A solar system will be installed on the roof. The interior lighting is provided by LED light sources, and the IT, camera and intrusion alarm system is completed. Three water slides will be built in the yard for the children, and after landscaping, the yard will be grassed on 1,500 square meters, planted with 25 trees and shrubs, and with garden toys.

The contractor of the investment, realized with HUF 800 million European Union support and HUF 285 million local government funds, is Miksi Bau Kft. in Szeged.

In the nursery school development program launched by the Szeged municipality in 2017, six institutions were renewed, out of HUF 1.380 billion, of which HUF 1.140 billion was covered by EU support. The program will continue with the reconstruction of the kindergarten in Vitéz street, the announcement states.


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