Another Kindergarten Modernized in Szeged

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The building of Gedó Kindergarten in Szeged was renovated with EU funding of HUF 590 million. In the past five years, 12 such institutions have been reconstructed in the city out of almost HUF 3.8 billion – the municipality informed MTI.

Gedó Kindergarten in Gáspár Zoltán street was built with panel technology in 1980. By modernizing the three-part building complex, the institution’s energy consumption can be reduced by up to 60 percent, they wrote. All external doors and windows were replaced, thermally insulated doors and windows made of plastic or aluminum were installed, some of them were also fitted with shading. The facade was provided with thermal insulation.

The building has a heat- and water-insulated flat roof with solar panels. The electrical cables and lamps were also replaced, and energy-saving LED lighting was installed instead. The mechanical system of the building was also modernized. New heating circuits were built, the external and internal sewage network and the rainwater drainage system were renewed.

In the courtyard – where a drinking fountain was also built – a larger playground was created by moving the inner fences. The contractor was Dél-Szig Kft. in Szeged. Since 2017, the reconstruction of twelve kindergarten buildings in Szeged has been completed at a cost of HUF 3.784 billion, of which HUF 3.036 billion was covered by EU funding, and HUF 748 million was provided by the municipality from its own resources. The kindergarten development program in Szeged will continue with the energetic modernization of the Felsővárosi kindergarten, the announcement states.


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