Hallo, Dictator! film about Orbán and Hungarian democracy


The German-French ARTE television produced Hallo, Diktator on the hybrid Hungarian political system! documentary, which seeks to explain to Western Europe how democracy is shattered with Orbán.

Hungarians may be familiar with the topics presented in the film, but at the same time, focusing on the context, we have not yet seen how the makers think of Orbán and his system.

English subtitles can be accessed by clicking on the subtitles icon.

The idea for the film was born when Jean-Claude Juncker and Donald Tusk were waiting for Orban to take the joint photo at the 2015 EU summit in Riga, whom the then President of the European Commission welcomed as a dictator.

The film presents the debates in Brussels that gradually isolated Fidesz. The authors also report on the anti-Soros campaign, protests against civil law, and the expulsion of the CEU.

They also present the history of the Hungarian Nation and the Hungarian Voice, the radio frequency issues around Klubrádió, and the operational difficulties of Gábor Iványi (the Hungarian Evangelical Brotherhood) under government influence.

Ákos Hadházy talks about the corruption cases of Lőrinc Mészáros and István Tiborcz, sitting on a small railway built with EU funds. The creators also play Bálint Magyar in the film, who wrote several books about the mafia state. From the government’s point of view, only Zoltán Kovács managed to speak.

There is nothing new for us in this summary, but in such depth, we have even seen little of the damage caused by illiberal democracy.

Of course (like everything else in general) the film is worth treating with certain reservations and information from several sources, as here, too, the events are seen from a certain point of view. Nonetheless, it’s worth taking the time for this all-night documentary to understand how they think of Orban and his system in other countries.



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