There Are Not Enough Doctors: the Urology Inpatient Department in the Géza Hetényi Hospital in Szolnok Will Be Closed


There will be no urology inpatient department at the Jász-Nagykun-Szolnok County Hetényi Géza Hospital-Surgery from Monday, November 6th, but the change does not mean the complete cessation of urology care at the institution, the medical director of the hospital told MTI on Friday.

According to Anatolij Kudryavtsev, the urology inpatient department will cease to exist from Monday because several of the doctors working in the department are leaving for family reasons or retirement.

He emphasized: specialist clinic services are still provided every working day in the specialist clinic and at the old hospital outpatient clinic. In addition, same-day surgeries will be possible, just like before. With the modern technical conditions, it was still possible to carry out some of the interventions within such a framework, he added. In the announcement, he wrote: urological inpatients will be treated in the hospitals designated by the National Center for Public Health and Pharmaceuticals, and in the case of the Géza Hetényi hospital, it is expected that they will be treated at the Budapest and Debrecen clinics. In the past period, the management of the hospital made serious efforts to replace the departing doctors, and they will continue to look for the opportunity to provide inpatient care to patients with urological complaints again, the medical director said.


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