Early Spring Weather to Arrive in Hungary


Visibility will gradually improve on Thursday. In the morning, even in sunny, less cloudy areas, it increases and thickens, and then gradually breaks up from the north in the evening, and the cloudiness decreases, reports Kiderül.

According to the forecast, light rain may occur in several places from the afternoon, there may also be light snow and sleet near the northeastern border. The north-westerly wind picks up over an increasingly large area, and in some places it gets stronger. The highest daytime temperature is mostly expected to be between 4 and 9 degrees, but in some places the air may warm up to around 10 degrees. Late in the evening -1, +4 degrees are likely.

In the upcoming days, more and more light air will flow over our region. At the beginning of next week, we can expect early spring weather across the country.




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