Warm Spring Weather to Continue This Week


This week the sunny, dry, early summer weather continues. In the middle of the week, the temperature will drop slightly, and there is a greater chance of showers in the north and northeast, but warmer than average weather is expected in the second half of the week as well – according to the national medium-term forecast of HungaroMet Zrt.

Cloudy, sunny and dry weather is expected on Monday, the southerly wind may be accompanied by brisk, sometimes strong gusts. The highest daytime temperature on Monday will be between 24 and 28 degrees.

Cloudy, sunny and dry weather is expected on Tuesday as well. It will revive in several places, and the south and south-east wind may strengthen in some places. The minimum temperature is usually 8-16 degrees, and the maximum is likely between 24-29 degrees.

Mostly cloudy, but sometimes sunny weather is likely on Wednesday, but cumulus clouds may also form or arrive from the west. In general, it will be dry weather, with occasional rain and showers, with a greater chance in the north and northeast. The north, north-westerly wind will revive, especially in North Transdanubia, it will strengthen in many places. The temperature will be between 8-15 degrees in the morning and 18-28 degrees in the afternoon, it will be cooler in the northwest and warmer in the southeast.

On Thursday, the sky will be slightly or moderately cloudy, with a small chance of precipitation. In many places, the north and north-westerly winds are getting stronger. The temperature rises from 6-12 degrees in the morning to 20-26 degrees.

On Friday, cloudy weather is expected with several hours of sunshine, but there will be no significant precipitation. The north-western and northerly winds are getting stronger in several places. The minimum temperature will usually be between 6 and 13 degrees, and the maximum between 20 and 26 degrees.

On Saturday, we can expect variable cloudy weather with several hours of sunshine, without significant precipitation. In many places, the north-west and west winds are getting stronger. We can expect 6-13 degrees in the morning and 21-26 degrees in the afternoon.

Cloudy, sunny and dry weather is likely on Sunday. The west and south-west winds are accompanied by lively, sometimes strong gusts in several places. The air warms up from 8-15 degrees in the morning to 24-29 degrees.




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