Hungarian Woman Wanted All Over Europe Arrested in Greece


In Thessaloniki, Greece, the bounty hunters of the National Investigation Bureau of the Emergency Police (KR NNI) arrested a 26-year-old Hungarian woman wanted throughout Europe, whose criminal record includes human trafficking, money laundering, fraud committed for a significant value, burglary, and even forgery of public documents.

The KR NNI announced on Tuesday on that the young woman – who had been hiding for almost a year – was lost when her companions were arrested in Austria last year. The series of frauds she committed together with Nigerians are linked to her: they got access to the official correspondence of several foreign companies, presumably through a virus. From an e-mail address similar to that of the original company, letters were sent to the business partners for which they had already entered their own as the payment account. With this method, they obtained different amounts – from 500 euros to 40,000 euros in each case.

There was a domestic, European and international arrest warrant against the woman, she was wanted by the Debrecen District Court, the Debrecen Court, and a warrant was issued against her by the Upper Austrian Regional Police Directorate. According to the police, the search for the woman was started by the Life Protection and Targeting Department of the National Investigation Bureau of the Emergency Police based on the signal of the Austrian partner organization. The Hungarian bounty hunters contacted the Greek partner organization, and then managed to capture the woman in Thessaloniki on September 2nd. The court will decide on her extradition at a later date, the announcement states.


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