Police Searched the House of a Nyíregyháza Hunter Due to the Shooting of the Swiss Wolf


The police searched the house of a business man in Nyíregyháza in connection with the shooting of a wolf that had migrated to us from Switzerland. According to information from Boon.hu, the hunter-entrepreneur who also owns real estate in Borsod may have been the perpetrator.

The police confirmed on Thursday that they had launched an investigation into the case of the protected wolf, which was followed through Italy, Austria and Hungary via a beacon attached to its neck. However, in recent days, based on the signs, it seemed as if the animal was traveling on the public road at the speed of a car, so they began to search for it based on location data. The beacon was finally caught near Hidasnémeti in river Hernád.

In its statement sent to MTI on Thursday, the National Hungarian Hunting Chamber wrote: as a public body bringing together seventy thousand Hungarian hunters and as a representation of interests, they most definitely condemn any form of damage to nature, regardless of who commits it. It was announced that they had requested information about what happened from the relevant organizations in connection with the case in Borsod. If it is proven that the culprit was a hunter and his identity is revealed, the hunting chamber will take all the necessary measures, acting within its own competence.

The wolf, registered under the code name M237, crossed several rivers and highways, crossed railway lines, and at the highest point of its migration, traveled at an altitude of nearly 3,500 meters above sea level. Most of the time, it migrated purposefully in a certain direction, but occasionally it stayed in one place for a few days (up to two weeks), presumably to rest or because of the abundant food. The M237 traveled 1,927 kilometers from its starting point, which set a new European record, as a signal wolf has never covered such a long distance on the continent.


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