Horror Accident in Debrecen – The 21-Year-Old Man Did Not Have a Chance to Survive the Crash


Instead of celebrating his 22nd birthday, only sadness remained for the family that lost their son in a horrific car accident in January. After the brutal collision, half of his face disappeared, so the police didn’t want to show Attila’s body to his parents, but according to the stepfather of the guilty driver, there was only a little collision on the bridge.

Attila Mázló would have just celebrated his 22nd birthday last weekend, but instead of celebrating, his family was left with only mourning. At this time last year, his mother had been preparing for the big event days before, but now, according to her, she didn’t even want to get out of bed.

His son, who was preparing to become a police officer, lost his life in downtown Debrecen on January 7th, on his nameday. On the Vágóhíd street overpass, Attila was driving according to the rules, when a luxury car coming out of sight – leaving his lane – crashed into him. Attila was driving at 45 km/h in his own lane with his 25-year-old but massive car. The family bought the Volkswagen Golf 3 convertible half a year ago. He was so badly crushed in the accident that he was unrecognizable. The force of the collision is shown by the fact that the driver fell out of the car along with the seat.

The unfortunate young man went home from his friends to his home in Létavértes, where he lived with his 17-year-old sister and his parents. A few hours after the tragedy, the police arrived to the family’s house at dawn.

“On the way out of the house, I felt that something was wrong, because my little son didn’t call me, and we also saw that he didn’t have his shoes at home. Opening the door, almost no words were needed, we immediately knew what had happened,” Anna Agócs, Attila’s mother, recalled to Blikk magazine.

She and her husband and their daughter immediately set off for the scene. She hoped that he would still find his son there, that she would be able to say goodbye to him, but by then Attila had already been taken away. The road turned into a battlefield, the vehicles were wrecked beyond recognition.

The head of the family went to the brand new luxury Mercedes AMG C43 worth tens of millions, which was driven by a 19-year-old boy. According to the newspaper’s information, the young man lives with his family in an expensive property in Debrecen, and his parents have several successful businesses.

“I asked his stepfather what happened, and he just answered: ‘A little collision.’ In response, I questioned how he could say such a thing, since my child died, and he just shrugged his shoulders,” said the victim’s father.

Attila graduated as an electrical technician, then worked as an armed security guard at the Létavértes Border Police Department, and he wanted to start the police academy in February. The hard-working, good-natured man was loved by many, and he had a promising future ahead of him.


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