Drug Dealers Arrested in Szeged


Proceedings have been initiated against a man from Szeged and his mother, who allegedly sold drugs and psychoactive substances for years, serving customers from their own house, the spokesperson of the Csongrád-Csanád County Prosecutor’s Office informed MTI on Wednesday.


Ferenc Szanka announced that proceedings were initiated against the suspects for the crime of drug trafficking. According to the well-founded suspicion, since last year, the man has acquired crystal, which is considered a new psychoactive substance, as well as amphetamine and marijuana, together with his mother. They sold the drugs together in their house in Szeged to consumers or to those who sold them on. The police searched the suspect’s house and seized drugs and the tools needed to sell them. After that, the investigating authority produced and detained first the mother and then the son. The court ordered the arrest of the man with multiple criminal records based on the prosecutor’s motion – due to the danger of running away, hiding, repeating the crime and failing the procedure, the group’s leading prosecutor said.




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