100 kilos of cocaine were found with the national team soccer player, Jean-Manuel Nedra


Jean-Manuel Nedra, the 20-time Martinique national team player, was arrested.

A large amount of cocaine was found in the football player’s luggage at the Paris airport over the weekend. The football player was traveling with his wife, and according to the news, the authorities have already released him after the interrogation – reports sportal.hu based on the Daily Star article.

Jean-Manuel Nedra is 29 years old, has played 20 times in the Martinique national team, and is currently a player for the Martinique club Aiglon du Lamentin FC, although this will obviously change if the facts are known… In connection with the incident, the club stated that they are to protect young people from such dangers.

The athlete was arrested on the first of January at Charles de Gaulle airport with his partner who was traveling for private purposes.



Photo: Facebook/L’Encyclopédie du Football

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