Chagall in the Kölcsey Center


More than hundred litoghraphies are waiting for the visitor since 5th of December in the Kölcsey Convention Center. These artworks of Chagall belong to the collection of Richard H. Mayer. Debrecen is the last station of the exhibition. It will finish on 20th of December.

The exhibitions primarily contains artworks with biblical topics.
Additionally, you can see the circus and the so loved Paris as well .
The Russian-born French painter Marc Chagall is the biggest, most successful and popular artist in the twentieth century who used poetry, humor and magic creating his unique and extraordinary works.
Chagall can not be classified into any of the avant-garde tendencies . However, his effect certainly was big on the surrealists and the expressionits. Hedepictedmemories, fairy-tale fantasy and not the reality. In his fiction humans, animals, objects, has a symbolic meaning. He created his artworks from his youth memories, the ritual life Vitebsk jewish district, and the happy and sorrow poetry of the poverty.

Admission: 800 Ft
Group tickets: over 15 people £ 350 per person
The Pingvin pharmacies (Hatvan u. 22 / C, Mester u. 7) are giving tickets to those who have 160 points on their loyalty card.