Employment for the Gypsy minority


Christina Hernández, human rights officer of the US Embassy in Hungary was present in a meeting in the Community House of the EU Gypsy Association on 11th of February.

The round table discussion was led by Mr István Aba-Horváth, the president of the County’s ethnic minority self-government.
At the beginning Tibor Pávay held a short lecture about the employment. He said that the 90percent of the gypsy population of Northern Great Plains area is unemployed. Upbringing and education can be the way out from this situation.

The County Council is supporting the operation of the community house. An average of 16 people turn to them every working day. They giving legal advice, helping the university students in gypsy history, and providing free internet access. They organize training sessions for local minority leaders and seek good relations with the institutions.
Mr Aba-Horváthsaid that if the town or city is rich they can solve they can integrate the gypsy minority, but nowdays the economic situation is not allow the government to provide enough money so the self segregation is developing. Like in Ózd as an example there is a class which has 15 gypsy and 5non-gypsy students. An insensitive mayor can reinforce the segregation.

The County and the City of Debrecen also have communal work programmes, but they have not got the fund to employ everybody.
"The American Embassy is running a training programme. They try to involve the gypsy communities. 5-10 young gypsies can travel abroad from the region to gain experience" said Christina Hernández.