Four-Year-Long Medicine Research Program Launched in Szeged


A four-year-long complex medicine research and development program based on the results achieved at the University of Szeged (SZTE) has been launched in the higher education institution with the support of the Ministry of Innovation and Technology.


According to the announcement, the project, which reflects clinical needs, will coordinate the current research activities of the institution in four overlapping thematic areas.

The process of drug development begins with the identification of appropriate intervention and attack points and the integration of related basic chemical-biological research knowledge, followed by the selection and optimization of drug candidates and target molecules. Serious results have recently been achieved in this field at the University of Szeged: most patents have been granted in the field of pharmaceutical research, and significant research infrastructure development has taken place recently with grant support.

Preclinical animal pharmacology, toxicology and non-clinical safety and environmental safety studies are based on this phase. At this stage, almost the entire range of research groups in the natural sciences at SZTE collaborates, from biologists to pharmacists and physicians; while chemists are also involved in evaluating the results.

Once preclinical studies have successfully demonstrated efficacy and safety, pharmaceutical development can begin, which includes the selection of dosage form and route of administration, and the development of manufacturing technology based on industry, regulatory, and patient expectations. Following human clinical trials and post-marketing experience, post-marketing surveillance is of paramount importance.

The aim of the project is to bring together professionals active in similar and related fields within the institution horizontally and vertically, thus exploiting the synergistic effects of sharing research infrastructures and complementary competencies.


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