Neptun System of Several Hungarian Universities Hacked

Misusing the name of, bizarre, obscene messages appeared in the Neptun system of several Hungarian universities. The students of Corvinus University of Budapest, ELTE and Óbuda University also received similar messages via the university’s IT system, which of course did not come from the online news portal, nor from the operator. In response to […]

Student Federation Urges Government-EU Deal to Ensure Continued Funding Under Erasmus Programme

“Higher education without the Erasmus programme is inconceivable,” the federation of Hungarian student governments (HÖOK) said on Wednesday, urging an early agreement between the Hungarian government and the European Union to ensure that Hungarian universities run by foundations should continue receiving EU funds under the programme in 2024.

Researchers from Szeged and Debrecen are developing a new type of detector for measuring radioactive radiation

Hungarian researchers are developing a new type of detector for measuring radioactive radiation, the staff of the ELKH Atomic Nuclear Research Institute (ATOMKI) in Debrecen and the University of Szeged (SZTE) investigated the properties of a special family of minerals, the perovskites.

The creation of the skill-laboratory network in healthcare has been completed

The General Directorate of the National Hospital, the University of Debrecen, the University of Pécs, and the University of Szeged has created a national skills laboratory network in a consortium partnership: in the three university centers and the sixteen county teaching hospital laboratories, practical training in diagnostic, therapeutic and life-saving interventions has become possible in […]